Buy Tickets. Win Prizes. Burn $DINO

The DinoSwap Raffle

  • The price of (1) raffle ticket = 10 DINO
  • Unlimited entries per user – buy as many tickets as you want
  • Weekly draws, Friday 5 PM UTC (Daily Coming Soon!)
  • 20% of the proceeds will be burned, 80% is shared between the winner(s)
  • There will always be at least one winner with the possibility of several winners per draw
  • The contract is fully decentralized. The random number used to pick the winners is sourced from a Chainlink oracle and can be verified by anyone on-chain.

How does it work?

By buying a raffle ticket, your wallet address gets submitted into an array from which the winners are randomly selected via Chainlink. The addresses in the array are not unique and can be repeated multiple times based on the number of tickets you purchase. For example, if you buy 5 tickets then your address will be in the array 5 times.

Every Friday at 5PM UTC, (2) winning tickets will be drawn via the “pickWinner” function. Each winning ticket will equally share 80% of the total prize pot while the remaining 20% will be burned!

Anyone can call the “pickWinner” function after the time limit elapses to initiate the raffle drawing. It will take approximately 2 minutes until the random numbers are selected from ChainLink and the winners are selected. After that, a new raffle round is automatically initiated.

For Example, if the total prize pool is 100 tickets (1000 DINO) then 80% (800 DINO) will be split between two lucky winners. Winner A and Winner B will each receive 400 DINO. The remaining 20% of the total prize pool of (200 DINO) will be burned.

How to Participate

Step 1) Go to www.dinoswap.exchange/raffle and Select “Buy Tickets”

Step 2) Input the Number of Tickets for Purchase and then Select “Buy” 1 Ticket = 10.00 DINO

Important Raffle Facts

  • There are two winners once a week
  • The more tickets a user purchases, the greater their chance of winning
  • (random number % array.length) as a linear function
  • Two tickets get drawn once a week and the prize pot is split between the two tickets (addresses)
  • Tickets can only be drawn once – you can’t win 2 times with 1 ticket
  • 20% of all weekly DINO proceeds get burned
  • There is a simple time limit applied in the background. When it’s reached, anyone can call the “pickWinner” function and make the request to Chainlink
  • The raffle only ends when someone calls the “pickWinner” function after the time limit has reached
  • It will usually take about 2min until we receive the random number from chainlink and a winner gets drawn.
  • After that, a new round is automatically initiated.