How to: Single-Asset Staking on DinoSwap (Jurassic Pools)

No burn, just earn! It’s that simple.

Jurassic Pools are an easy way to stake your DINO tokens to earn more tokens!

A DINO a day keeps the carnivores away!

Remember: No Burn, No Lock-up periods. Complete control to excavate.

Enter the Jurassic Pool page here

  • Connect your MetaMask Wallet and make sure it is set to the MATIC Network
  • Click on “Approve” in the Pool you would like to stake your DINO
  • Click on “+” and enter the amount of DINO tokens you would like to Stake (Deposit)
  • Click “Confirm” and approve the transaction
  • Click the “Excavate” button to claim accrued rewards
  • Click “Unstake DINO” to remove your staked DINO and claim any rewards accrued rewards

How is APR for Jurassic Pools calculated?

Jurassic Pool APR = Annualized Rewards (denominated in USD) / User funds staked in Jurassic Pool (Denominated in USD) * 100

  • APR is variable and dependent on factors such as the amount of DINO staked and the price of the reward token.
  • Jurassic Pools are selected and deployed by the DinoSwap team. In the future, as we progressively decentralize the platform and implement DAO-style voting, the community will be able to vote on which pool to launch, etc.

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