How to: Single-Asset Staking on DinoSwap (Extinction Pools)

Exciting ways to earn project reward tokens, offering super High APYs. Watch out, if you participate in the extinction pool, your DINOs staked will also go extinct!

​🏋 Put your hard earned DINO to use!

Entering an Extinction Pool

With every Epoch you are able to send your DINO Tokens into new and different Extinction Pools. All DINO Tokens sent there will instantly be burned and go extinct. In exchange, you will receive reward Tokens of a participating project for the entire duration of the Extinction Pool on a per block basis.

1. Go to the Extinction Pools page.

2. Choose your desired Extinction Pool.

3. Click the “Approve DINO” button.

4. Click the “+” button to stake your DINO tokens.

6. Enter the number of DINO tokens you want to stake and click the “Confirm” button.

IMPORTANT: All DINO Tokens staked in an extinction pool will be burned and go extinct!

7. Click the “Excavate” button to claim accrued rewards.