Staking Overview

Extinction Pools create exciting opportunities to earn project tokens. Prepare for impact!

💦 Jurassic Pools

Jurassic Pools are non-burn pools, meaning you can stake your DINO and withdraw it at any time with no deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, and no burn. The Jurassic period is a geologic era that dates back to approximately 201 million years ago, way before the extinction era. Hence, the DinoSwap Team felt it was appropriate to represent this era with an appropriate DINO product!

With the introduction of the Jurassic Pools, DinoSwap now offers a variety of ways to compound your DINO excavations from yield farming! For now, users will have to manually re-stake their accrued DINO to compound their gains.‌

The DINO Jurassic Pool is perpetual, but the partner Jurassic Pool duration is 90 days.‌

  • Remember: No Burn, No Lock-up periods. Complete control to excavate.
  • Note that when you un-stake your DINO, your initial DINO and accumulated DINO are both automatically sent to your wallet with no additional steps required.
  • To start earning with the Jurassic Pools, you just need to stake one token – DINO.
  • Users are free to unstake their DINO at any time and can also claim their accrued rewards at any time.

👀 Keep an eye out for new Jurassic Pools

Smart Contract Information

EternalPools.sol: 0x52e7b0C6fB33D3d404b07006b006c8A8D6049C55 0x80F23e90f8D7d6f5e3f602B1E26C7b5Fa4E530d3 0x03728A3262Ba7642B5B7c2Bff588CA3734d62dE9 0x990Fd37852b6123B376bCe814BC08192148ef9Aa 0xffFA860353D907767091E711F76e297099B99EF5

☄️ Extinction Pools

Extinction Pools provide a place where farmers can put their DINO tokens to use and earn more tokens from our partnering projects. These pools utilize a “toll bridge” upon entry. The toll bridge is a form of a token burn mechanism in which 100% of all DINO staked in the Extinction Pools is burned at the conclusion of the pool, when all rewards are distributed. The burn mechanic is a deflationary function within the ecosystem which promotes healthy market dynamics.

  • Users select the amount of DINO they want to stake into the Extinction Pool of their choice.
  • Typical pool duration is 90 days and entry into the pool locks after 45 days of going live.
  • All staked DINO tokens in the pool are burned to pay the toll. This action is not reversible.
  • All accrued rewards are then distributed to participants in that pool over their duration in the pool and can be claimed at any interval.

👀 Keep an eye out for new Extinction Pools

Smart Contract Information

ExtinctionPool.sol(1) 0xa3e09dC9849615eaf76803ACca679997C470bdb1 0xc354150384Edca6c9ffA48Db0b9fF2501e3C28e6 0x572E322c9bB88808f644180aCB32b6a5448e52Cc 0x1D1B5F843D507770Aa63d674f8aaaEA09d38f718 0x9F40990A4E3698B70112BfaBc6a9d0253B77999F 0x21cCb7E95333e8970601323F4Ab3a4D80b16659B 0xD5afb53917FC9554a16aB8D3d8fE726846cAef05 ExtinctionPoll.sol(2) 0xE83Ad8A43053e2E7656c433174060C5d1597451A *Updated contract that will be utilized for all new Extinction pools.

​⏳ DINO Tar Pit

Tar Pits provide another venue for farmers to utilize DINO tokens earn more DINO by locking their tokens in a staking pool for a specified duration. These pools have no deposit fee and users are free to select the duration of timelock they are most comfortable with. The longer you lock your tokens, the higher yield you will receive. The DINO tokens staked in the Tar Pit can be removed at any time after the time lock is up and there is no burn or toll bridge associated with this pool.

Smart Contract Information

TarPit_v2.sol: 0x9D0D667E18DB6Bdf4dC09A7f8CEFE7DA297c0085


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🤝 Why are projects participating?

Extinction Pools will allow projects to issue tokens to a global community of Degen Dinos. This increases wallet holder count, boosts awareness of the project, and bootstraps initial market liquidity. Participating projects are announced through the official DinoSwap social media platforms and receive cross promotional benefits. These projects will also populate on the default list of DinoSwap tokens without having to search for the contract address. Evolution is merciless and even in the prehistoric era – crypto talks!