DINO Tokenomics

Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago (at the end of the Cretaceous Period), after living on Earth for approximately 165 million years

DINO Token ERC-20

Token: DINO Decimals: 18 Contract Address: 0xAa9654BECca45B5BDFA5ac646c939C62b527D394 Chain: MATIC Link to contract address

🚀 65 million DINO tokens are available at launch and are allocated as follows:

  • 65% – Farming Rewards (Fairlaunch)
  • 5.6% – Treasury
  • 14.4% – Team (vested over 12 months, linearly, on a per block basis)
  • 15% – Investors and Advisors (vested over 12 months, linearly, on a per block basis)

Initial DINO Emission Rate (Farms and Pools)

Emission/block (DINO)Emission/day (DINO)

Initial Distribution of DINO Tokens to Farming Initiatives

Distributed toReward/block (% of emission)Reward/block (total DINO)Reward/day
Fossil Farms84.61%13.75528,000
DINO Extinction Pool (per Pool)15.39%2.564,800

*Figures presented above are subject to changes resulting from market factors such as the price of DINO, # of farms/pools, TVL and general macro conditions.

Distribution of Newly Minted DINO

Distributed toReward/block(% of emission)
Farming Initiatives90.9%

Since the supply is uncapped, after the first generation (65M) of DINOs has hatched, new generations will be created on demand and for every new project that joins DinoSwap. For every 10 DINO brought to life, one extra DINO will be allotted to the DinoSwap Treasury to support further protocol growth initiatives.

Deflationary Mechanics

  • 100% of all DINO tokens paid as a toll for entering Extinction pools are burned

​⛓ Functionality

The purpose of the DINO token is to facilitate and promote cross chain DeFi Liquidity.

  • DINO tokens are farmed by providing liquidity to available farms.
  • DINO itself can be staked/burned in pools to earn different tokens as rewards.
  • DINO functions as medium of exchange token across many different bridged blockchains and can be swapped into any other token that has a participating extinction pool on DinoSwap.