Fossil Farms Overview

Keep an eye out for new farms which are frequently added!

Master Chef Contract

Contract Address: 0x1948abC5400Aa1d72223882958Da3bec643fb4E5 Link:​

This is the master chef contract that is utilized for our Fossil Farms. This contract is utilized to establish the DINO (reward token) per block emissions for the overall farming ecosystem, allocate those emissions amongst the various supported token pairs, and allows for users to add/withdraw their LP tokens at any time. DinoSwap retains no control over the LP tokens and LP tokens are never at risk when using the DinoSwap Fossil Farms.

​🌋Primary Launch Farms

Farming PairProject NameMultiplierLP Tokens
DINO/USDCDinoSwap10x RewardsSushiSwap LP Tokens
BEL/WETHBella Protocol1x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens
DFYN/WETHDfyn Network1x RewardsDfyn LP Tokens
xMARK/USDCBenchmark Protocol1x RewardsSushiSwap LP Tokens
stkGHST/WethAavegotchi1x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens
SX/WETHSportX1x RewardsSushiSwap LP Tokens
CGG/WMATICChain Guardians1x RewardsSushiSwap LP Tokens
WMATIC/WETHFair Launch0.5x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens
USDC/WETHFair Launch0.5x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens
USDC/USDTFair Launch0.5x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens
USDC/miMATICFair Launch0.5x RewardsQuickSwap LP Tokens

Fossil Farms allow Polygon projects to grow their ecosystem through an easy to use yield farming interface. DinoSwap users can deposit their LP tokens from SushiSwap, QuickSwap or Dfyn on Fossil Farms to earn DINO tokens as a reward. ‌

🌋 Secondary Farms

If you are a partnering project interested in joining the DinoSwap ecosystem apply here!

Coming Soon!