How to: Yield Farming on DinoSwap (Fossil Farms)

Yield Farming via the Fossil Farms allows users to excavate incredible rewards! Simply Stake your LP tokens and earn DINO!

Farming DINO is simple

Providing Liquidity

Every Fossil Farm needs a specific LP Token that can be acquired by providing liquidity for the appropriate pair. The following steps will prepare you to start excavating in your favorite Fossil Farm. Hang tight!
1. Go to the Fossil Farms page.
2. Click on your favorite Fossil Farm.
3. Click on the "Get LP" link on the left side.
4. Follow the instructions to get LP tokens on either SushiSwap, Quickswap or Dfyn.

Entering a Fossil Farm

Now that you have your LP Tokens ready, it is time to put them at work and start excavating.
1. Go back to the Fossil Farms page.
2. Unlock your Wallet via the "Unlock Wallet" button or the "Connect" button (top right).
3. Make sure your wallet is on the "Matic Mainnet" network.
4. Click on the Fossil Farm you want to excavate.
5. Click the "Enable" button.
6. Your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction.
7. Click the "Stake LP" button.
8. Enter your desired amount of LP Tokens and click the "Confirm" button.
9. DONE! Your are now farming DINO.

Adding or removing LP Tokens

At any time, you can decide to leave the Fossil Farm or add more LP Tokens to it.
1. Return to the Fossil Farms page.
2. Click the "Staked only" toggle to see the pairs you have LP Tokens in.
3. Choose a Fossil Farm you have LP Token in and click on it.
4. Click on the "+" or the "-" button to add or remove LP Tokens.
5. Enter the amount you would like to add or remove.
6. Verify your information and click the "Confirm" button.
7. After a short wait you should see your new balance in the details section of the LP Token pair. If you have unstaked your LP Tokens, any unclaimed rewards will automatically have been collected.